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Intermediate Course in Tattoo Art

This course is the career oriented course in tattoo art. It will equip you with basics to advance level of tattoo techniques.By the end of the course will be all set to do intermediate to advance level tattoos.

​This course is designed to mould you such that you can readily work with any tattoo studio or tattoo artist. We will help you built basic tattoo portfolio while you are in training which will help you use it when you approach any studio or tattoo artist for job. You can also start off as a freelancer after this course.

​However if you are looking to open your own studio or you have a goal to become a renown tattoo artist or travel around the world as a tattoo artist then you need to explore our another course

​For career oriented courses please explore other courses we have

Total Duration: 90 Days

5 Days a week / Timming: 01:00pm – 6:00pm